Bridesmaid I. [B e c c a]
I have over a year and half until I get to say “I do” to my absolute favorite man in this whole universe, which makes it even more fun to plan my wedding. Simply because I get to do it exactly how I want to..is that the making of a Bridezilla? maybe, maybe not, I just know I want this wedding to be intimate, filled with a ton of love, honesty, and mostly friendship.
So I have chosen to ask each bridesmaid in a different way at a different time, 1. because I can since I have a lot of time and 2. because I want each friend that walks down the aisle before I do to see how truly special they are to me, that I probably wouldn’t be where I stand today with out each of their encouraging words, silly jokes, full laughter, and prayers that are graciously giving me.
Here’s to Bridesmaid I, how we met, how far we have come, and just why she is going to be the most beautiful bridesmaid that God has ever created.
A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, doesn’t always need togetherness, as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part…
How it all started:
People say that the
Best relationships are the ones you never saw coming.
and honestly, I can completely agree…
Becca and I did not grow up together through grade school, meet each other on the school bus, fight over the toys in Sunday school, no it definitely was a completely different way to meet each other…
About a month or two before we both started our journey into college at the University of Alabama (roll tide), God decided to add each other in to our lives.
Back then, we were both 18 years old and the store Dress Up was all we chose to shop from. As I was shopping with my mom in Dahlonega, Ga, as was Becca with her mom. Most people see each other browsing the store and just over look it. For some reason, I just thought it was good idea to walk right up to her and ask her if she was attending the university in the fall…now I am not that weird, she was wearing a nursing school shirt from the University..and from there on out, we became best friends.
Becca was never one to judge or leave. She has been by my side since the day we met. I knew I could do no wrong in her eyes and she could do no wrong in mine. She became my crying shoulder, she became the one to put a smile on my face, she led me more to the cross than anyone i know, she always knew how to tell me if what I was doing was wrong. We have grown up together in the coolest way possible, we grew up together through our faith. I have never felt judged in Becca’s eyes. Not once did I feel the need to prove anything to her. She accepted me and my family as we are and were.
So why a bridesmaid?
The easiest decision was made when I asked Becca to be my bridesmaid. I didn’t even have to think twice. I knew no matter what this journey brings me, I can always count on Becca to support me. Even the times when Martin and I would fight, or not see eye to eye, Becca always knew we would end up together. She never forced him on me, but simply knew that I was transforming and learning to trust again after so many obstacles I have overcome in my past. She truly is my saving grace. Never once did she doubt me or my relationship with Martin. She always knew it was God’s plan and that is all I needed. So it was never a long thought process to picking her to stand next to me as I say “I do” because she never made it a hard thougth process to be my friend. From when I did not know who I was or where I was going in life, to now knowing who I will spend the rest of eternity with, Becca was always by my side.
It’s as if people forget the reason to get married or pick the right bridesmaid. It’s not about who will look best in the dress, who will buy the best wedding gift, it’s about who has supported you and your relationship since the beginning. Even through the times where you and your significant other just wanted to call it quits, the bridesmaid came in to show each other why y’all were together in the first place, and that is Becca. When Martin and I did not see eye to eye or in the future when we do not see eye to eye again, I know Becca will be standing there with arms wide open, because that is who she is. She is a friend. She is the definition God created when making relationships. She is the one that helps me when I fall and laughs when I need to smile. She is the greatest friend and I am more blessed than words for her to have said yes to stand next to me on my best day.
A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17
I thank God everyday for a friendship like the one Becca has gave me.
For only through Christ’s love could I have found one quite like her!

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