Just A Little Read!

Do not worry lads, I am not on here to write another long (however important) blog about life, I am just adding to what I said below! Why? Because I pretty much hit every one the head if they are in a committed relationship or dating someone in general…when this world is not filled with all happy couples (mine is not always happy either..so don’t worry you are not alone), but here’s to the young 20 something still trying to defeat the odds of what our generation is turning in to! For the ones that aren’t ready to be in a long relationship, settle down, or even have to answer to someone else beside themselves, but yet are still trying to get away from the drunk nights, one night stands, empty friendships, and shallow relationships:

I give you this fun read! Where I even want to do just about everything it says! I found it on facebook after a couple friends who had shared it prior!

So here it is!

21 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions 20-Somethings should Strive For:


Written By: Paul Hudson

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