The First Step To One Long Journey

“And the two shall become one .:Ephesians 5:31:.”


Love. What really even is love in today’s generation? To some, it’s settling with a person so you don’t die alone, for others, it’s to spend the rest of your days with your perfect match, for few, it’s giving him the chance to break your heart in to a million pieces, but he chooses not to, instead he chooses to hold it together.

But today? What is love today? Because to me, it’s not what it should be. It’s not looking into his eyes and feeling like no bad could ever happen, it’s not getting so annoyed with him you think you’re better off with out him, but once he leaves you want him to just come back and laugh at how dramatic you were, it’s not the flowers he randomly picks up just ‘because’, it’s not watching a movie you hate but he loves so you do it anyway. No, today, it is a word of fear, a word that people set an age limit to, because how could anyone in this world simply know what they want at the small age of 20-something? So people tell me that I can choose to die for my country, but if I choose to marry the man that picks me up when I fall, that has stood by me countless times when no else has, that I have gone insane? How can this be possible? How can I know exactly what I want at the age of 21?

I know, because I do not listen to the generation I was born into, but the Heavenly Father that placed me here. I listen to His kind words that life is about celebrating with the one you love, not the random ones you meet at the bars on a Friday nights. Because Christ said

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:7-8”

People are constantly saying to “live your life while you’re still young” or “you have so much time to find the one, test the water” or my favorite “are you ever going to have fun anymore.” I’m sorry? Since when did being married take the fun out of life? Because, I think the fun is only beginning.

I got lucky, no I got blessed, with a man that looks at me with out makeup on and still thinks I am the most beautiful thing to have graced his presence, with a man who thinks my mother is normal, a man that laughs at me when I worry about silly things, that supports me when no one else does, that trusts me over anyone or anything, that gives me hope in this world, and when I am crying, I found the man that quits the tears and never starts them.

So yes, I am out here defeating the odds of my generation because after two years of dating a stud of a man, December 17, 2014 he asked for my hand in marriage, and I know it won’t all be easy, but every day it will be worth it. Every day I will choose to fall in love with him all over again. The days he leaves the wet towels on the floor and forgets to do the dishes, I will still choose him. I will constantly pick him over the random people at the bar, I will go out with our friends and know exactly who I will end the night with and I will look forward to the nights that are spent watching netflix cuddled in bed. So am I worried that I’m throwing my youth away? No. Why? Because when people finally reach their “age limit” that is “appropriate” to get married, I will be married to an amazing man that God put on this earth to find me.

So this is me, here, taking on a generation that thinks I am completely insane because I choose not to dedicate my 20s to having sex with multiple guys, attending hundreds of different rock concerts on twelve different types of drugs, dying my hair 15 different colors, or trying to “find” myself, because I found myself when I fell in love by learning to consider more than my own feelings, understanding that I had a whole other heart to cherish, and going against what this world is turning in to.

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