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To all the Bride to be’s under age 23…

If any of you out there are like me, quickly approaching graduation, and dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to the last invitations, while this is the most exciting time of my life, I never believed anyone when they said it was also the most stressful. I mean sure, obviously I knew I would be stressed..but I thought it would be because I wanted to eat cake and pizza everyday but still fit into a pretty white dress. Not because I was up to my head in assignments, trying to make everyone happy on wedding decisions but wondering at the same time why don’t some just want Martin and I happy? I get everyone wants to give advice in hopes to help, and while Martin and I appreciate it all, let me just say, we got this. We know we are marrying each other to show the love the Lord has brought us together with, how we are becoming one under his eyes, and at the final “I do’s” we will be married by the grace of God. We, also, know that we have spent the last year of college focused on more things than just enjoying our final nights with our friends. We have prayed, cried, talked, and laughed over decisions we never knew even took so much thought. For example, who knew you actually had to pick out linens for a wedding, figuring out a menu is something I will never do again (props to all you high class chefs out there) and don’t even get me started on picking out flowers…….everyone tries to tell me at the end of the day, all that matters is that Martin and I are why does this still remain so stressful? Because just that, Martin and I get one day to be completely locked in each other’s love and I’m not going to apologize for trying to make that the absolutely best day of my life, not just for myself, but mainly because I want my future husband to be able to take every second of our hard work in and relish in the fact we get to be married before we even have real careers and that all of our friends got to see it. 


With that said, I am functioning on little to no sleep and getting close to no patience..this obviously isn’t your “ten reasons why I’m lucky to marry young” or “how the Lord showed me the one”, I could give a million reasons to why Martin is the one and how I know for certain it’s because of the Lord that I do know all the reasons from him biting his nails to him always remembering to tell me he loves me even in the midst of a fight, that he is with out doubt in my mind, the one for the rest of my life.

This is, selfishly, more for me to find a gateway to vent that while this entire season of life has been nothing short of a dream come true, it has also had times of tears, failing grades due to my priority of school graduating way before I even turn that tassel, having to choose between dinner with my girls and saving that money for the wedding, and also having to solve conflict to make sure everyone is happy with our decisions. 
I know may 29th when Martin and I roll over for the first time to each other as husband and wife, I’m not going to remember the arguments I had with vendors, the tears Martin so patiently wiped when someone questioned my age for getting married, for the complete stress I’ve lived in the last few months. Instead, I’ll probably share a giggle with my husband of 12 hours and jump out of bed to hop on the plane to our honeymoon and not even check my phone for a week. 
If anyone is excited for May 28th, it’s me. I’ve stayed up to late (early?) hours of the morning finishing invitations, crying to my sister, and praying that these last days fly by and I’m finally Mrs. Everett. 

So this is me venting and ranting about all the seconds, minutes, hours, and days that have flown by that I have prayed over for this one day,for every little detail, to be put in the right place and sparkling just right. 
I understand at the end of the day Martin will be mine and we will be married, so let us pick our flowers how we want, choose the colors we think look best, and make every little decision on our own. This is our day and regardless of what goes on or what goes into it, nothing is going to ruin it.
“We’ll build this love from the ground up for worse or for better and I will be all you need from beside you I’ll stand”


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