Saying “Yes” in college.

“When two form as one
Being engaged for almost a year now and wow, have things changed. Some good, some bad, some just changes that are made as growing up. One thing that has not changed, is my constant “yes” I say to Martin each day we grow closer to becoming “one”. Is it always easy being engaged? Well, yes and no. Yes, because I have found the “one whom my soul loves”, no, because majority of the population we (Martin & I) are surrounded by, are not engaged, therefore we are on a totally different level. These are the changes. The changes of people seeing you once as their peer and now as a total stranger. Once, being able to understand everyone’s level, and now not understanding anyone’s because while some are planning to travel after college, we’re stressing over how much we can fit into a one bedroom, one bath apartment, on a little salary, while still trying to enjoy our few days left as college students.
Another change, negativity that can be stigmatized when one that is not in the “social norm” of the “right” age to get married at. That probably is the tough thing to get used to. To have to pick and choose when you can talk about the excitement you have for after college because you will be married and having all your prayers be answered in one simple phrase, “I do”. To have to know that no, you will not be invited to certain things, because you probably will not go in the first place, because you rather sit at home and try out a new pinterest recipe and go over the guest list 500x more just to make sure every person you love witnesses this big day. To having the constant questions of “why rush?” “you know your life is over now?” “you mean, you don’t want to be single in your early twenties?”
I can say in pure assurance that I have been through a lot of “living”, I have seen a lot of life, and I still choose to see the rest of my years with ONE person, that person being Martin.
Changes have come, we have gone through them together, and at the end of the day, Martin and I count our blessings. Those blessings are the friends that no matter the changes we have made; have been our biggest supporters, cheerleaders, and fans. The ones that tell people to be quiet when they say we are too young or we are destined for divorce. Our families, for never questioning the love we have for each other, but for helping us grow in our love and relationship together. For believing in us the second we became engaged. But mostly, at the end of the day, we thank our Heavenly Father. For giving us these changes and obstacles, for leading us to the cross when we stray away. For putting us together at 18 years old and with His grace, letting us figure out how to be selfless instead of the selfish people we once were. For constantly reminding us that forgiveness is easy and grace is always welcomed. For putting us, two young kids, together through love and patience. We thank the Lord for keeping a hand over our engagement and protecting us, for softening our hearts and for showing us that each day, it will bring changes and obstacles, but I was made to hold Martin’s heart, as he was made to hold mine.
Saying “yes” at 21 and 20 years old may sound crazy in this time of life, and I agree it is crazy, but not crazy stupid, crazy amazing. I found my half that makes me whole and for that, I will forever be in debt to the precious gift the Lord gave me as a junior in college.


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