Y’ALL. sorry.

Oops…once again, I forgot to post for like a million days (not that many) but close enough. But MAN, does life come and go…Martin and I went from over a year and a half left to getting married, to now being college seniors and quickly approaching husband and wife and BOY am I emotional. I am nervous, excited, anxious, stressed, giddy, fearful, every emotion you can think of probably hits me at a thousand miles a day…but the emotion that reassures me is the absolute LOVE I have for my most precious man that keeps me humbled and grounded each day..and just reminds me that I am not superwoman and even when I try to be, I form super tears and become superwoman of a blubbering mess. He just GETS it. Ya know? He is my super hero. He comes in and saves the day when I just hate the world. He leads me to the cross. He lets me know when I’m being a dram queen or I need to have me time. He buys me my favorite wine and chocolates just to give me a pick me up. He constantly pursues my heart and wow am I blessed. He is my everything and I just have to brag on him for now…and forever. I love this Martin guy more than words…He sure did get handful when he decided to pick me and I hope he remembers how I am sane, when I am acting insane..but who understands the mind of a 21 year old girl anyways? no. one. We are now in the 200s to be married and each day goes by just as fast as it does slow. Constantly figuring each other out more each day, bickering, laughing, arguing, it’s not always perfect, but I know he’s perfect for me today, and forever.

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