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Don’t Forget.

Have you ever had a day where you had something to do but just forget? You have plans with a friend but then you..forget. You have a huge test and you do so badly because you just forget to study. I mean any situation..forgetting sucks. Whether it’s forgetting to make that one phone call or forgetting that one answer or forgetting you’re on a “diet”. There’s always something we can forget and the outcome may be bad at first, but it always works out.

But have you ever just forgot about Christ? I mean we live every SINGLE day on the Earth he created with the body He gave us and when it comes to the question of “Did you do your quiet time?” We say “I meant to..I just forgot” or “Did you pray about it?” “Well, I was going to..I just forgot”

Can you imagine getting married and then your husband that you love so very much just “forgets” your anniversary. Your birthday comes around and your best friend promises to call but then just forgets. I mean your heart breaks a little, your stomachs loses its appetite, and for that moment in time, everything just sucks.

Wow, God must be awesome for the amount of times I try to just brush it off with saying “I forgot” and He constantly saying, “Well, I forgive”. That’s powerful isn’t it?

Forgetting someone or when someone forgets you, you feel abandoned and alone. I know I do. I could be having the best day but the second I feel forgotten, I am automatically taken over by loneliness. It’s a sickening feeling. You don’t feel wanted. You feel abandoned. You feel forgotten. Don’t you think that God feels this way every time we forget him? Yet, he loves us anyways.

It really is crazy how much He loves. It’s hard to wrap our heads around and sometimes it’s overwhelming and scary. I know I should rely more on Him and that’s a struggle with my own heart. He loves so we can live. If anything I should live because HE LOVES…so much. I don’t want to forget and I don’t want to ignore. I want to remember His love and live in his presence. I am blessed with all the hard days that lead me to feel the greatness of the good days He gives me.

So for all of you who struggle with the forgetting, let’s support each other to remember why we are here and who exactly created us.

Galatians 6:4. The gospel is all I have.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Forget.”

  1. Love this! I remember saying this not long back: can go a day without thinking about God. I really want to change that and be more intentional about it. Thanks for reminding me about this. May I link to your post when I write about this?


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