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Never underestimate God’s hand in all your plans



That quote has never really meant as much to me as it does after this weekend. Who would ever think that 72 hours with junior girls in high school, could really transform your mood and just entire thought process. Well, God definitely wanted to wow me this weekend. After so much stress from all sorts of things hitting me just within weeks, I was really questioning if taking a weekend off from the real life was worth it. Questions like “do I really need to go?” “Will it matter that much?”..I have never been more ecstatic to say that God seriously gave me the best weekend at His perfect timing.

With Friday starting out with a 6:30 am workout, I was already exhausted and needed something to just perk up my spirit. Martin and I arrived at FBC around 5 pm and I was automatically greeted with a hug by the sweet Haley Hart whom was helping me lead the junior girls for the weekend. Haley and I have never met, but we were constantly texting each other a couple weeks in advance. Right when she showed her love and support to me and her excitement for the weekend, I knew it was about to be one of the best.

As 6pm came around, we went to dinner and finally got to meet the group of girls that would be in our small group! Of course, meeting people at first is always somewhat awkward..seeing that I can be an awkward person in general..As the night went on, the fun only began. Haley and I had our first small group lesson with the girls that night and ended up staying later than we thought (which turned into desperately needing a nap the next day), but it was so worth it. These girls had so much to say and bring to the table. Going into this weekend, we were told to help lead the ones younger than us, when, really, they led us.
8 am came real early that next day, but we all got on our green and were ready to fight ’til death in the rec games….and if you could see the bruises I have, it is very convincing I tried to fight until death…….the junior girls and guys were so was insane and so much fun. [my arms are still sore]

Saturday night approached and the message was so awesome. Pretty much speechless to what all happened that night. We had an awesome bible study again, but I did not make it past 11pm like the night before.

It really is crazy how much God can form relationships in just one short weekend. I now have a group text constantly being updated with selfies IMG_8821
sry ivy………
and just all types of things from these girls.
It makes me so excited to return to Dothan and see them and Haley. I finally feel like I have a home waiting for me. It makes me even more excited to marry Martin [June 4, 2016] and build a home with him in Dothan. God really does wonders and Him choosing me to guide these girls through an awesome weekend was truly a gift. I could rave about these girls for hours, but I don’t want to bore anyone or embarrass them with more selfies.
And which ever junior girl is reading this, I hope you know how much each of yall means to me and how incredibly proud I am of each of you. Yall are really going to do great things and thank you for keeping me giggling all weekend (:

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