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what are we doin’?

“Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90…time is a concept that humans created”

Time. Time is all we have right? At least that’s what we are told..from us only having time to heal over a death or a break up..to you only have so much time to be young..that our time here is short..but since when did time create our lives? Because I thought the way we embark on life..is the way we choose to live it…which, I guess is still true..but when did our way of living turn into being known as the ultimate tumblr_mx4ujqHsAi1sgji7po1_500badass, the one that can chug so many beers and still not get sick..the one that can stay out all night and still see it to the next day..we are the generation known to be young and reckless, but do we really live our “time” here to the fullest? I mean..I see it as we don’t..it’s like my time here, my generation..has it all wrong..Let’s step back..to the 1940’s; 5fde5ada4a7c4eca7ad6894e2cbdac8dswing dancing was the thing to do, soda pop was the thing to drink, drive in movies was where you spent your time on a Friday night, and every Sunday morning, you put on your Sunday’s best and headed to church. Fast forward to 2014 and 15 year olds are looking up youtube videos to learn how to “twerk”, alcohol is the drink of choice starting at the age of 13, on Fridays you see how drunk you can get before you pass out, and Sundays you wake up to turn netflix on and to attempt to drown out the pounding headache that you got from the alcohol you drank the night before. It’s our generation that is losing the sense of time..I could sit down with an old man that was raised in the time of swing dancing and soda pop, and he would smile ear to ear as he raved about the nights he danced his heart out with his high school sweetheart. My biggest fear is that if we skip ahead 50 years, no old man will be able to smile about his past, because he probably won’t even remember it..not because he’s old but because he spent it on hard drugs and doesn’t remember the night. Yeah, we all are different and we all have our different likes, dislikes, loves, hobbies, interests839e96d2906b9d65062c34765b62292b, you name it..we have it, technology is thriving and we are all slowly losing appreciation for what we have..mainly time. In a blink of an eye, I went from being 15 to 21 and having to figure out the true definition of a bill and what it means to “grow up”. (I’m no expert at it either) But when it comes to time, I need to realize that forever is not here on earth and my time is limited, am I going to spend it every night drunk and on a drug I don’t know the name of while trying to figure out the best way to grind just so I can get the attention? no..probs not..because, fortunately, I got blessed with some pretty awesome friends that can go out with me and make memories that we might not want to bring up again for a while (friends reading this..feel free to laugh at all my embarrassing moments) but they are also the friends that I can call when things get tough. But are you proud of who you are becoming? Ask yourself, is what you are doing with your time now..bettering you for your time spent tomorrow? I know 50 years from now, when my hips hurt, my wrinkles show, my pants are too tight, and my slippers are my best friends, that I will be able to look back and know exactly how I chose to spent my time. article-2308952-1943212D000005DC-177_964x775Maybe I am an old soul and I’m crazy and that the way I’m spending my time is stupid..but to me it’s fulfilling. I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren that yes, I fell in love at 21 and yes, I chose to stay in on Friday nights and yes,  I chose to have a wine night with my best friends than spend my paycheck at the bar. I want to live a life I’m going to remember. I want to mean something to someone.

It’s when the world gave up on love and faith, that it took the turn for the worst. If we don’t believe in the one thing that isn’t racist, sexist, feminist, etc to every ist word this generation has created..than what do we have to believe in? If we don’t have hope, what do we spend our time wishing for?img-thing-1 Our youth is running out..but it’s not running out of time..it’s running out of what actually means something in this world. It’s running out of faith, and hope, wishes, dreams, love. We spend so much time trying to make our social media accounts matter, when we should be spending our time trying to make our lives matter. No one is going to care how many followers you had, how many likes you got on your instagram, who commented on your facebook..People only remember how you lived..if you really did live. We are given one life. One chance to make the absolute best of everything..so why spend it competing with the next twitter account? So let’s waste our time on the things that matter. Lets change the way people see our generation. Like they said..we only have one chance, right?

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